Grow WU (Grow With Us) is a first of its kind Hyper-Local digital platform by a
team of military veterans which empowers Children to pursue their Favorite
Learning Experience by connecting them with nearby Coaches or Tutors
and facilitating them with transport to commute to the Learning Centre.

How do the Children Grow With Us?

Our Values

"The values at Grow WU emanate from the military ethos ingrained in the
founders who have together devoted almost half a century of
their lifetime in the Armed Forces."


  •  Trust us to empower your child by providing all possible opportunities to pursue their dream/ passion.
  • Trust us to ensure safe and secure environs for your child with our ingenious safety protocols.


  •  We strive to ensure a collaborative growth of all our stakeholders.
  • Team spirit is a quintessential ingredient at Grow WU.

Build better communities

We equip the nextgen with an all-in-one platform to enable them
to evolve into ideal citizens thereby building better communities.