Driving Protocols

Dear Pilot,

Our Best Practices for Ride Partners is here to provide you some ideas on how to ensure a ride is successful for you, safe and enjoyable for the child you’re transporting, and the parents who are entrusting you with their child. While we are excited that you chose Grow-WU, we think that communication and transparency are the keys to a great partnership. We hope you will enjoy your journey with Grow-WU. While we won’t teach you how to run your ride, we want you to take a note of the following:

  1. High-Quality Rides: Grow-WU encourages you to not only drive safely but to be consistent and thoughtful. Your aim should be to provide kids with an enjoyable experience.
  1. Be on Time: We get that traffic can unpredictably flare-up and that certain conditions cannot be controlled. But our live navigation will give you sufficient reminders so that you reach your destination on time. It will help you to be vigilant and be on time so that the child never misses his practice. If you arrive on time to pick up the child and the child is not ready, please be patient and give the child a 10-minute grace period. In case of further delays, contact Grow-WU immediately to resolve the issue at the earliest.
  1. Be Consistent: Kids thrive on consistency. Once you are their assigned safe transportation person, they expect that you will be reliable. Help the children and their parents trust you by showing up consistently. Continue to get more rides by showing up consistently which makes the parents and child happy.


  1. Your Car Is Everybody’s Sanctuary: Keep your car clean and free of the trash. A clean car makes your drive more enjoyable and fun.
  1. Be appropriate: Remember your audience is kids between 6 and 18 years old. Kids usually don’t like small talk as it sometimes makes them uncomfortable. In addition to reviewing the instructions, we urge you to:
  • Understand how the platform works,
  • Bring a driver’s license,
  • Not allow a child to dictate a change in the destination address.
  1. Safe Driving: In addition to complying with the laws, for a safe driving experience, follow the rules:
  • Never leave the car running when you get out of the car at pick up or drop off,
  • Turn off the ignition when helping a child in or out of the car,
  • Properly close the doors before starting the drive.