Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Grow WU?

Grow WU is an acronym for “Grow With Us”. Grow WU is a website/app-based ‘Hyper-local Skilling / Coaching cum Transportation’ platform that empowers Parents to “FUEL YOUR CHILD’S PASSION” in sports/games/skills. Grow WU is a FIRST OF ITS KIND hyper-local platform where parents can find qualified Coaches/ Tutors who will guide their children in learning sports or skills at a nearby Coaching or a Skilling centre (Not virtual coaching) and concurrently, Grow WU also facilitates parents with safe & secure aggregated transport (ride sharing) for the child to commute from home to the nearby Coaching or Skilling Centre.

2. How does Grow WU work?

A Parent can register (by providing the basic details like name of parent & children, mobile number, email id, address, etc) on the Grow WU website or app for free. After registration, the parent posts the learning (sport/skill) requirement of his/her child. Based on the location of the parent, Grow WU automatically suggests a few options for the Coaching/Skilling partners nearby and corresponding transport partners (ride sharing) for fulfilling the child’s learning needs & commute. Parent chooses the most suitable option (based on expertise or cost or distance) and the child can now ‘buckle up’ to start his /her LEARNING JOURNEY.

3. What are child safety & security protocols at Grow WU?

We understand your concern for the ‘APPLE OF YOUR EYE’. Trust us at Team Grow WU ….. the Founders with almost five decades of combined experience as Sentinels to the Nation are adept at ensuring safe and secure environs for your child with the ingenious safety protocols and three layers of security.


4. How does a Parent register for Grow WU?

(a) Download Grow WU for free in the Apple App-store or Android Play-store. You can register using your name, email address or mobile number, password and other basic information.
(b) Alternately, you can go to https://www.growwu.in and register using your name, email address or mobile number, password and other basic information.

5. Grow WU is available in which cities/towns?

Grow WU is currently conducting training in Bengaluru. Don’t worry, you will find us in your city shortly.

6. How old does the child have to be to join Grow WU?

Grow WU is currently onboarding 6 to18 year old children. However, students younger or older than this age can also be onboarded under special conditions, please contact Grow WU at growwu2020@gmail.com or Whatsapp on 9405429946 in this regard.

7. What are the skills/sports that Grow WU offers?

Grow WU is currently offering the following skills/sports:-

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Karate
  • Badminton
  • Tennis

8. My child has no prior knowledge/skill, can he/she enrol for the training?

Each Learning Partners is very well qualified to identify the competency & confidence level of the child. The training is customised, segmented and structured to enable different learning levels. From beginners to advanced, each level of the training has been specifically tailored to enable progressive learning.

9. Do you offer individual classes (One-On-One training)?

The coaches/tutors at Grow WU offer individual classes to those who need. Please contact us at growwu2020@gmail.com or whatsapp on 9405429946 with details of your child.

10. Where is the Coaching/Tutoring conducted?

Learning Partners at Grow WU conduct training in societies, schools, sports arenas or coaching / skilling centres.

11. What are the timings of your training sessions?

The coaches/tutors at Grow WU conduct training in the afternoon/evening on the week days and in the mornings on Sunday (on Saturday it is conducted in the morning & evening).

12. Are coaches / tutors qualified or certified to train children?

Grow WU onboards coaches / tutors as partners who are experts in their field and have sufficient experience in coaching/tutoring. A number of them have participated in International/National level sports/skill events. Grow WU is also commencing the “Training the Trainer” programs for coaches / tutors by Master Coaches to continually upgrade their skills in all areas of relevance.

13. How do I book transport for commutation of my child?

On posting the Learning requirement by the Parent, the details of all available nearby Learning Partners and Ride partners who service the area (based on the basic details like name of parent & children, mobile number, email id, address, etc provided during registration) are displayed by Grow WU. Parents can choose the most  suitable Ride partner.

14. How much does it cost to join Grow WU?

There is no cost for registering at Grow WU. To ensure competitive pricing, the cost is decided by the Learning Partner (based on their expertise & other expenses) and Ride partners. Thus, parents are able to engage the Learning Partner & Ride partners at most competitive prices. Please contact Grow WU at growwu2020@gmail.com or Whatsapp on 9405429946 for approximate prices for your location and specific needs. Prices vary according to the type and duration of service required.

15. What modes of payment are accepted?

Grow WU accepts payments by credit cards/ debit cards, UPI, wallets and net-banking. Sorry! We do not accept cash.

16. I have other children in the family who also would like to join. Do you offer discounts for siblings?

Grow WU offers sibling discounts. You can send your email at growwu2020@gmail.com or whatsapp on  9405429946

17. What is the minimum & maximum duration for which a child can subscribe at Grow WU?

Monthly plans of a minimum of one month and a maximum of 3 months are available for fulfilling the learning and commute needs of the child. We would like you to be a part of Grow WU from the time your child is 6 years to 18 years and beyond for the lifetime.

18. What is your Cancellation & Refund Policy?

(a)       Children are typically enrolled on monthly plans for a month or more as  needed by the parent/child. The minimum period for enrolment is one month.

(b)       Cancellation is feasible at any time after enrolment.

(c)        Before commencement of coaching/tutoring sessions, full amount is refunded after deducting the processing & transaction costs.

(d)       In case a child is enrolled for one month and once the child starts   attending the coaching/tutoring sessions, no refunds will be given for that  month.

(e)       In case the child is enrolled for more than a month, payment has to be  made for the months during which training is received and the whole month  during which cancellation is done. The fees for the balance months is auto-refunded back to your account in 5-7 business days.

19. For the coaching/tutoring sessions does my child need to have a mobile phone?

No. Children do not need to have a mobile phone for the coaching/tutoring sessions. Before the session, we make sure we have all the information we need in order to pick up, transport, undergo the coaching/tutoring sessions and drop off your child(ren) safely. We are in touch with our partners before, during and after the session.

20. How do I stay in touch with a coach/tutor or driver while they are taking care of my child?

(a)       You can call or message the coach/tutor or driver anytime. But, please keep in mind that the effective time available for coaching/tutoring of your child  is reduced if you call the coach/tutor and the driver cannot text or call while driving.

(b)       However, you can use the app to track location of ride in real time or call customer care at Grow WU growwu2020@gmail.com or Whatsapp on 9405429946 if you need to talk.

21. How can I provide feedback for a coach/tutor partner or driver partner at Grow WU?

After every session, the parent/child can provide feedback about the instructor/driver and overall experience. In addition to this, Team Grow WU will reach out to parents directly to gather feedback at regular intervals.


22. How do I become a Partner at Team Grow WU?

To be a Partner at Team Grow WU just follow the following steps:-

(a)       Download Grow WU for free in the Apple App-store or Android Play- store. You can register using your name, email address or mobile number,  password and other basic information (including submission of a few documents).

(b)       Alternately, you can go to https://www.growu.in and register using your name, email address or mobile number, password and other basic information  (including submission of a few documents).

Once, you have registered as above, we follow a pre-determined Screening Process and then you will join Team Grow WU. Feel free to email us at growu2020@gmail.com or whatsapp on 9405429946 with any questions.

23. What all documents should I submit for joining Grow WU?

As part of your registration process, you need to submit a few documents to include AADHAAR copy, Police verification, Safe Venue Certificate (for Learning Partners) and vehicle registration/ vehicle insurance/ driving license (for Ride partners). After you submit your application online, we will contact you and let you know in case any additional information is required. Once, the registration is complete, we follow a pre-determined Screening Process and then you will join Team Grow WU

24. What kind of transport do I have to own?

All driver applicants must have a valid driving license and must own a safe vehicle which is 15 years old or younger (as per RTO guidelines). The vehicle should be road worthy as per existing policies in vogue

25. Are there any specifications for coaching/tutoring venue?

The coaching/tutoring venues should be ergonomical with good ventilation, drinking water, toilet (separate for boys & girls), etc and compliant to fire safety norms.

26. How do I get paid?

Parents pay for coaching/tutoring and rides cashlessly, via the Grow WU website/app. Payments are made to coach/tutor partners and driver partners promptly via direct deposit.

In case of any immediate feedback or concerns, you can contact us growwu2020@gmail.com or whatsapp on  9405429946