Parent and Child Guidelines

Dear Parent/Child,


We understand that climbing into a vehicle that belongs to someone you don’t really know can be uncomfortable the first time. But don’t worry, our Grow WU partners are not only friendly, but they have a lot in common with you: they’re parents, sports enthusiasts, love children. More importantly, they prioritize your safety, which is why they’re at Grow WU in the first place. But it takes two to tango. So, help them make your experience one that is enjoyable and safe. We promise you would love doing these small little things so that we all are smiling ever after.

  1. Be on Time: Our Grow-WU Partners work hard to provide you with the best guidance and reach you on time so that you don’t miss out on your session. Please be ready for every class/drive on time. And if you are running late, let us know through our platform, so that we make alternate arrangements.
  1. Be Respectful: Always respect your Grow-WU Partners. When on a ride, do not disturb the drivers. While in your practice sessions, always listen and abide by the rules laid down by your coach. Be kind to all. Bullying is unacceptable.
  1. Clean-Up: After every ride, practice session, don’t forget to clean up the mess you have made. No need to clean up someone else’s mess.
  1. Be Savvy: Make sure that your Grow-WU Partners match those given in the profile. If you have a password, make sure your Grow-WU Partners share it with you.
  1. Safe Space: Driving requires focus. Please help your Grow-WU Ride Partners drive as safely as possible by:
  • Allowing them to properly strap you into the seat.
  • Remaining strapped in until the car stops.
  • Respecting your fellow riders. Don’t insult or bully anybody.
  • Going to your planned destination as reflected.
  1. Dos & Don’ts : For Children
  • Do not miss the warm-up exercises.
  • Stay till the end of the session and complete the cool down routine.
  • Drink water before, during and after the session, though you may not feel thirsty at times.
  • Dress appropriately, considering the weather factors.
  • Do not leave the session without informing your coach.
  • Inform the trainer if you are not feeling well, or if you have any concern.
  • Do not eat just before the session. After eating, give a gap of 30-45 minutes before the session.
  • Try to avoid eating a heavy meal before the session.

Whichever path your child is headed, we care about getting them there with ease.