"We aim to build the most trusted platform for
transportation of children. Come be the
DRIVING FORCE in this journey"

Why Join Grow WU?

Grow WU gives you an opportunity to play a significant role in shaping the future of NexGen. Join Grow WU and energize them. Grow WU can also act as Growth Engine for you.

➢ Ease of joining at no cost
➢ Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)
➢ Don’t let your ‘Chariot’ idle at home. Just say “Chal Meri Dhanno”
➢ Additional income with no upfront investment
➢ No cost to acquire customers. They are waiting to hop into your bandwagon
➢ Flexibility to pick your rides that best fit your schedule
➢ Invoices, billing integration & financial transaction reports
➢ Live notifications & real-time alerts

How To Join?

➢ Register on the website/app.
➢ Complete your verification.
➢ Kickstart and get ready to be a Change maker
➢ Become a member of the Grow WU family.